Reberbanegade 47

2300 Copenhagen S.


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Band founded in 2015 by danish bassplayer/composer Jens Kristian Andersen. (b. jan 24th 1978)


Besides being a busy sideman - and working in different bandcollectives with danish and international musicians - I occasionally do a bandleader project when I find it important.


My primary focus in this project has been to tell the myth of Chiron in music, highlighting the most significant traits of his multifacetted character. But it's been a research project as well;

From greek myth and thought - with Plato’s transcendant ideas about intuition and astronomy (a planet as a metaphysical essence) and the more empirical Aristotlean immanent approach - and through the more contemporary archetypical meaning in mythology, psychology and astrology.


Since I find the story of Chiron so rich, exciting, dramatic and full of interesting imagery, I gladly and enthusiastically give talks and lectures about Chiron (discovered nov 1st 1977) in a historical and astronomical perspective as well :-)

The myth relates very well to our times and we could use some relevant myths as guideposts in the world today, I think.

The story can be viewed as a rainbow-bridge prelude in a transition phase in our times moving into the aquarian age. Implying the healing of our wounds and the opening of our hearts in our human search for wholeness. A step in our collective evolution towards unity-consciousness, reconnection with our instincts, unity of spirit and matter and healing of our wounded mother Earth….

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I was very fortunate to meet the wonderful painter Rithva Landler and we had an inspiring collaboration. Her beautiful work is illustrating and accompanying the music. And a series of posters decorate our concerts.

Hope you’ll enjoy :-)


By the way -

writing the music was some sort of shamanic soul retrieval....


Now I'll be moving forward into the great unknown of 2017 with a passion of the most dazzling cross between sheer foolishness and a wizard's mastery – ha, ha ☺ Happy new year, folks! ☺ JKA

Chiron in mythology


Chiron was the first of the centaurs and also their leader. Though a warrior, Chiron was kind, wise, noble, hearted and just (unlike other savage, unruly centaurs). In the sanctuary cave ‘the Chironian’ on Mount Pelion, Chiron lived in the nocturnal part and his half brother Jupiter in the diurnal part (dayside).

Chiron’s animal side invested him with an earthly wisdom and a closeness to nature. He was what the American Indians called a Shaman, a wise medicine-man.

According to the myth Saturn took a fancy to the graceful seanymph Philyra and in covering his mischief for his wife Rhea, he took the form of a stallion. Thus Chiron was born a centaur - half man, half horse.

In her misfortune of giving birth to what she thought of as a monster Philyra prayed to the gods to release her from the burden. As an answer they removed Chiron and turned her into a citrus tree….

Chiron grew up studying ethics, hunting, music, astrology, natural science, archery, martial arts and healing – including medicine, naturopathy, surgery and chiropractic (yes, that word originates from his name) – Apollo and Artemis being his foster parents. He got universally known as ‘the wisest of all things beneath the sky’, so the Gods send their demi-god breed to him for training and he became a mentor for many greek heroes a.o. Jason, Achilles, Hercules, Perseus and Asklepios.

Accidentially, Chiron was wounded by his student Hercules by an arrow with poison from the lethal Hydra, and he found himself in a paradoxical situation: the great, half divine and immortal, master of natural healing was inflicted with an incurable wound. Though his search for a cure made him continually wiser and more compassionate, he could not find relief from the pain, or die a natural death. Thus, Chiron’s epithet ‘the wounded healer’. However, Chiron was eventually released from his sufferings by a swap of fates with Prometheus the Awakener (Prometheus was a titan who, in one story, molded man from clay. In another he rebelled against the Gods and helped overthrow the tyrannical Kronos).

Prometheus had been mocking Zeus and stealing fire from him. As punishment Zeus had his servants Force and Violence seize him, and Prometheus was bound to a rock on Caucasus in adamantine chains exposed to horrible torment. Every day a griffon would eat from his liver, only to have it grow out again the next. He was to be liberated on one condition only; an immortal being taking his place in Hades. Chiron agreed on the conditions and was immortallized by Zeus in the night sky as the constellation Centaurus.


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