'A remarkable work' - Thomas Nygaard, Århus Stiftstidende


'It's an impressive work...ambitious and epic flow in the beautiful music...brought together in an impressive musical panoply. Simultaneously plump and naked. An imposing Jazz album of high quality. However, the greek mythology gives the album a very special and original glow' - Niels Overgaard, jazznyt.blogspot


'...updated bop-music..the sound reminisces the sixties, and the sound works perfectly with the music of the band.

This is simply a beautiful album with roots in the heyday of New York Jazz....Andersen has written some beautiful contemporary

compositions' - Jan Granlie, Salt Peanuts


‘It’s a fascinating humanistic story JKA has chosen to tell with music. By getting inspiration from free-jazz and modern classical music (Bela Bartok) he has suceeded in creating a thought-provoking musical work. It’s hard to let go of, the way it challenges and demands the attention of the listener. It’s music for mind and soul.’ -- Jens Lohmann, JazzSpecial


‘In its merging of jazz and chamber music, some of Andersen's writing and arranging has an almost Duke Ellington-like feel to it…his composing is truly distinctive.

His copious liner notes—and most importantly his music—make it abundantly clear that he has something unique and new to say.

'From the Nocturnal Chironian' is literally chock full of inspired, memorable music-making. This is important and vital music.’

- Dave Wayne, All-about-Jazz - full review:


'JKA...a luminous offshot from the rich danish bass-tradition...besides, he's an original composer capable of creating music based on his widespread sources of inspiration'

'the band...the instrumental standard is towering. Add a luxuriant desire to experiment and explore the unknown,

and you have a band surely worth a night out' - Erik Andresen, Vejle Amts Folkeblad

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